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“Deep, smooth, epic, groovy, easy”


I've got a background in radio, stretching back to Dublin pirates way back when. Currently involved in TV promos, radio ads and various podcasts - and a regular contributor to the likes of Newstalk, BBC, ESPN, Sirius XM and more.

Currently the voice of Setanta Sports Asia, Australia and Africa.

I'm enthusiastic, on-time, professional and I'm not precious. If the director wants it six ways that's what he'll get. I don't need to explore my motivation, just tell me what to do, or how you'd like it, and I'll do it.

I'm good with character voices and accents as well - with animated feature film experience. I have home studio facilities.

I think the term voice-over 'artist' is pushing a bit. I'm a voice-over bloke. I'll do your voice-over.

Andrew Mangan - Trivago VO from voiceoverbloke on Vimeo.

Setanta Sports (May) from voiceoverbloke on Vimeo.


I have worked with Andrew an many hundred of promos for Setanta and he has always been 100 per cent on the money every time the mic opens.
Ever the class act, versatile and imaginative contributer to the sessions. Definitely on a scale of 1 to 10.

Killian FitzGerald

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