Caroline Lennon 30s/40s Female Voice Over


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“Engaging,humourous, warm, witty, flexible.”


Happiest in front of a mike in a studio, I've recorded everything from hospital announcements to whiskey promotions and everything in between. I'm proud that my story-line as the Irish minx Siobhan on The Archers brought them their highest listenership and press coverage in decades. I love making your project and/or product appealing to the widest possible audience. Getting the listeners on side using my voice is not just my stock-in-trade, it's my passion. My voice can provide the connection between your idea and the people you want to connect with. I look forward to working with you!


"Miss Lennon"s sexy voice, that hint of nymphomaniacal urgency..she manages to sound intelligent, attractive, flighty, desperate and self-destructive all at the same time.!"
The Independent

"Velvet-voiced" The Observer

"Caroline Lennon's hypnotic tones...5 million listeners weekly.." The Mail on Sunday