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“Clear, Energetic, Persuasive, Home Studio ”


Hello there! I'm Dec Byrne

I like long walks on the beach and soaking up the sun but..... I grew up in Ireland so that doesn't happen very often.

So instead of long walks I much prefer to record voice-overs and hang out in my home studio or travel to other studios. I'm very easily directed and can do various styles and reads including hard and soft sells and also more relaxed reads while maintaining the same enthusiasm throughout. I also do some impressions as well, mainly TV characters from family guy / southpark/simpsons and some Irish celebs too.

I have a background in media and in particularly in the radio industry. So at the tender age of 14 while I was growing up in Mayo, I decided to follow my dream. I worked my way up from community radio to local then tackled some of the bigger regional stations (Iradio, Midwest, Beat 102-103) I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to be. So after completing a radio course in Galway I moved to 'The Big Smoke' of Dublin in 2008 and in 2010 I graduated from BCFE Radio and Media College.

I'm now 28 and present my own show on Dublin's FM104 for the past 4 years so I'm extremely passionate about my work and I take great pride in what I do in every aspect of my life. I am exceptionally confident in my ability to produce a clear, concise message to a listener/viewer or target audience that is delivered with conviction.

So whether its a voice for a multi million - gazillion euro project you're looking for or just a local friendly voice to advertise your product, then I am happy to assist you with it.

I am always looking to work on exciting new projects and I'm always willing to travel and go that extra mile(s) (pun intended) to ensure that I facilitate a client's needs to the best of my ability.

So, Why not give me a call and see what my voice can do to make your business EVEN....

Ahh forget it! seriously I could write down all the positive generic phrases and buzz words in the world but they are just that! words. Give me a call and we will talk like REAL people do and come up with the BEST solution for you and your business.


I have used Dec for various different projects and he delivers on time, everytime with his clear and distinctive upbeat tone.

Lochlainn Harte - Head of commercial production / Imaging at Spin Southwest

Dec is a great VO to have on the books for a number of reasons..

Between the quick turnaround, great voice and high quality audio, he is very quick to pick up on the vibe of my scripts.. He knows when to be over the top, subtle or natural..

Very very easy to deal with...

Niall King - Commercial Production - iradio

Reliable - Flexible - Quick Turnaround - And A Great Read!

Sean Walsh, Millbrook Studios

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