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“British, clear, professional, experienced, home-studio”


A great communicator - Emma's the Voice of London Buses' iBus system, as well as the London Overground trains and Riverbus. She's heard daily by more than 9 million travellers, those who live and work in London as well as visitors from around the world. And yes, she did the announcements for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium bus stops too!

Emma works from her own home-studio (with ISDN) in County Durham, working with companies across the world. Her voice is versatile - beautiful, natural and British. She can be heard on commercials, branding, corporate films, training videos, IVR phone systems and audio books.

Recent clients include
- Samsung
- Microsoft
- X-Box
- Virgin Money
- Tommee Tippee
- Nissan
- Transport for London.

One thing clients regularly say about Emma is how flexible she is to work with, not only fitting recording schedules around yours but working closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want from your voiceover.

Her career has taken her from theatre to broadcasting, including presenting breakfast shows for Capital Gold, Red Dragon FM and Heart West Midlands.

Recent Look North feature on Emma's work for London's buses

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Suresh Ajani, IT Solutions: “Was a great pleasure working with Emma, she is very accommodating, professional and provided excellent work with a fast turnaround. Highly recommended.”

Dan, founder of Plancake.com: "What I liked about working with Emma was that she just made it happen: I asked her for something quite complicated to arrange but she went the extra mile to deliver what I wanted."

Peter Rogers, The Giggle Group: “A lot of female voiceovers seem to fall into one of two groups – young and clubby or mature and corporate. We’ve used Emma recently and were very impressed, she fills the gap between those two extremes perfectly. She has a great voice and knows how to use it, she injects enthusiasm and energy into her reads as well as warmth and pathos. I expect us to be working with her a lot more in the future.”

Andy Johnson, Saland Publishing: “Emma is an absolutely top draw voice artist and presenter. I have contracted her on numerous occasions over the last fifteen years and she always delivers beyond expectations. Fantastic voice and delivery and a lovely person too!”

Steve Marth, Spunk Design Machine: “Great work, fast turnaround, open to critique and adjustments. Highly recommended!”

Thomas Crum, ITNeo: “Wonderful job. Timely, professional. Recommend highly!”

Jean Tucker, MadeInTheNow.com: "We had a great time working with Emma - she was very accommodating to our needs, could record professional quality using her own resources, took direction really well and worked with us to produce the best result."

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