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“Impressions, characters, energetic, young, comedy,”


I am a new voice actor on the scene and I am eager to start working with some great companies. For years I wanted to voice act, watching American cartoons and listening to all of the amazing different voices. I made it my goal to practice as much as I could to be able to do every cartoon voice on television and I think I've done a great job of it so far. I studied drama for four years and my voice is one of my strongest factors.
I specialise in doing character voices and scripts, and can impersonate any character voices. My own voice has a slight Cork accent. It isn't very strong but it is noticeable, and I can alter it if asked. I am 22 years old so I have a young and energetic voice. My voice is extremely versatile and I am very suited to comedy scripts as they go well with my personality and natural voice.
With all my years of watching television shows and studying the voices, from Family Guy to children's cartoon on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon I believe I have mastered not only the voice but the personality of each character. I can even make my own impressions if you would like.
Although I do not have a lot of experience on the job, I put 100% in to everything I voice, and I make each voiceover unique. I do enjoy doing voice overs in my own voice, and I put a lot of energy and drive in to the scripts, but if you want a voice over with a kick and a lot of personality, I'm your man for the job.

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