Terry Fagan 30s/40s Male Voice Over

Terry Fagan Showreel Master.

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“Extremely Versatile, Warm, Friendly, Home Studio.”


After almost 12 years as a DJ, I've decided it's time to allow my voice to carry me to the next stage of my career. I have spent many years listening to and studying the masters of the profession such as Patrick Allen, Keith Barron and Ray Brooks and what they have taught me is this: the most beautiful and powerful instrument we all have at our disposal is our voice. It is versatile, demonstrates mood and conveys our message to the world.

In a brief stint on Hospital Radio, my voice comforted the sick, informed the staff with news of the day and kept patients company when they could not sleep.

In the various venues which I have worked, my voice is the friendly banter that punters enjoy, it is the jovial quizmaster and the authoritative time-caller at the end of the night.

It's time for the next chapter. Time to move to a profession that I was put on this earth to do. I am a Voiceover. I will succeed.


Terry has worked with Glass Eye Productions on several projects. His voice was specifically selected by our clients for his clarity and engaging delivery. Throughout the projects Terry was great to work with, his turnaround time for delivery was fast, his attention to detail was excellent and he was always extremely accommodating for any additional requests.

Susan Walsh
Project Manager
Glass Eye Productions
Kilkenny Dublin Cork.


''Terry is a pro VO. He takes direction well and adjusts to the often hectic demands of the radio commercial industry. I've never had an issue with his work. On time, top quality and clients like it!''

David O'Gara
Commercial Production Manager

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