Kian Lovett 30s/40s Male Voice Over

Commercial Reel

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Narrative Reel

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“Natural, smooth, warm, reassuring, distinctive, gravitas.”


Bringing life to words is something that Kian is really passionate about. He's been doing this for many years not only through voice-overs but as a professionally trained opera singer.

Here's some detail about his education. Voice-over training by J.P. Orr (Showreel) and Yvonne Morley (Formerly, Head of Voice Department, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Professionally trained opera singer (dramatic 'basso profundo'). Studied under: Maestro Antonio Carangelo (Vienna, Austria), Professor Vladimir Chernov (UCLA) and Olga Chernov (Austria), and Nicolas Hillebrand (Germany).

As with our fingerprints, our lives and voices are unique and a consistent part in my life to date has been my voice which many people remember me for. Characterized as being natural, smooth, warm, reassuring, distinctive and with a bit of weight and gravitas to add it will hopefully, be memorable to you and your listeners.

I look forward to connecting with you, working together and bringing the important words you’ve chosen to life!