Kian Lovett 30s/40s Male Voice Over

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“Natural, smooth, warm, reassuring, distinctive, gravitas.”


Bringing life to words is something that Kian is really passionate about. He's been doing this for many years not only through voice-overs but as a professionally trained opera singer.

Here's some detail about his education. Voice-over training by J.P. Orr (Showreel) and Yvonne Morley (Formerly, Head of Voice Department, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Professionally trained opera singer (dramatic 'basso profundo'). Studied under: Maestro Antonio Carangelo (Vienna, Austria), Professor Vladimir Chernov (UCLA) and Olga Chernov (Austria), and Nicolas Hillebrand (Germany).

As a dramatic 'basso profundo' Kian's repertoire focused on arias about death, murder and destruction which was great on stage but wrecks the mood at parties! Artistic by nature Kian has also worked as a documentary photographer in Chernobyl and with Cossacks in the Crimea, amongst others.

With a BA in European Studies (French/Spanish/Politics/History), a MA in Defence and Security Analysis and soon to have a MSc in Risk, Disaster and Resilience from University College London, Kian has combined all of his artistic pursuits with professional work in the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization and most recently at the International Atomic Energy Agency as an analyst investigating nuclear smuggling networks worldwide.

As with our fingerprints, our lives and voices are unique and a consistent part in my life to date has been my voice which many people remember me for. Characterized as being natural, smooth, warm, reassuring, distinctive and with a bit of weight and gravitas to add it will hopefully, be memorable to you and your listeners.

Currently, based in Ireland! I look forward to connecting with you, working together and bringing the important words you’ve chosen to life!