Kieran Pheonix Chantrey 20s/30s Male Voice Over

Army Commercial

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Love Film Commercial

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Kids Fruit Winders Commercial

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National Drugs Helpline Commercial

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E-Learning Straight Read

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“Young,smooth energetic, smiley Londoner with Home Studio”


Produced by First10

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Kieran Phoenix Chantrey! London based Voice over artist with energy and smile

Whilst working for a production company in 2008, Kieran was asked to voice a computer character for a games channel animation. This gave him a great taste for voice over work.

In 2009, Kieran decided to do this professionally. With his natural ability to create all kinds of voices and reads, he thought why not take the plunge to be a full time voice over artist.

2010 he trained with Jean Paul Orr at his studio’s “The Showreel”. Once he had completed professional training they recorded Kieran's demo and within a month of completion he got a number of offers from different agencies.

Since Kieran has performed voice overs for a number of high profile clients such as:


and the list goes on...

If your looking for a versatile Professional voice actor who is easy to deal with and reliable then contact for a quote on your project.

My Agent details

Maple Street Voices
36-40 Maple Street

Telephone 0207 90-70-6-90

Looking forward to working with you!



It was great working with Kieran, who provided the voiceover for our Gatwick Parking animation. He was really enthusiastic about our project. Kieran started work as soon as we emailed the script over to him – and we were really impressed with the final cut. Our parking animation has had over 20,000 views..

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