Friday Voiceover Tip: 7 Hacks To Make You Peak Every Day

Piehole Voiceovers (2)Don’t waste energy on multitasking

Single-task as much as you can. Switching between tasks wastes energy, can leads to decreased performance and more mistakes. Multitasking between two activities takes the same amount of time as it does to do them one at a time. It saves no time at all.


Learn to negotiate

Good negotiation skills are very important when dealing with voice seekers or colleagues, especially if you are fighting for one of your ideas. Know when to be nice, know what you want, and when to ask for what you want.



Be concise and clear

Lead with your main point. If you were forced to boil down your email to one or two sentences, what would they say? Then elaborate as necessary. If you have a twitter account and you can spell it out in 140 characters or less, you have it made. This is the same way you should communicate. This might seem little extreme, but almost everyone could benefit from focusing on sending more concise emails, memos and business letters.



Break bad habits

Many of us make job stress worse with negative thoughts and behaviors. No project, situation, or decision is ever perfect, so trying to attain perfection on everything will simply add unnecessary stress to your day. If you’re always running late, set your clocks and watches fast and give yourself extra time. Plan your day and stick to the schedule. Think positively about your work and pat yourself on the back about small accomplishments. Don’t try to control the uncontrollable. Rather than stressing out over them, focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to problems.



Take Initiative

As a voice artist, it is important to put yourself out there. So whatever you do, don’t just sit there waiting for your next project. Be proactive. Be a self-stater and don’t wait for a job to fall onto your lap.



Meet and Network

Join organizations beneficial to your career success. Take additional classes to keep up with the new trends in the voice over industry. Just because you work at home alone most of the time, does not mean you suspend your network; constantly manage and grow your network of contacts because you never know when a problem or opportunity will arise. Networking with key people can also help you in finding one or more mentors.



Always show your full potential

When you received the call saying you got the job, show your client that you can bring something extra special to the project. Having a game plan and being ready to talk with voice seekers is important, and once you fall into a pattern, it will get easier as time passes. Don’t forget to be friendly and polite. You can make extra an effort to impress your client, because this could lead to more work down the line. Making positive relationships will make it easier to build lasting work relationships.



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