Friday Voiceover Tip: Secret to Giving Accurate VO Quote

PicMonkey Collage5The web has many places where voice overs can be hired and voice over rates vary greatly. With many things in life, you kind of know what price you need to pay for things, because the competitive market and laws of supply and demand make this information easy to find for similar product and services as there are usually many companies offering them.



With voice artists, the price varies considerably as each voice over has their own unique characteristics and industry experience. As a rule of thumb, you would pay much more to hire a known TV celebrity voice over than you would to use the services of a lesser known voice talent working in their home studio. The entry market for home studio voice over kits is now much lower, so there are many voice actors pitching for the same work more than ever before. Many voice over jobs are on a quote by quote basis and it seems to be a little hard pricing unique voice over jobs. Information on where to go and who to trust for prices is increasingly difficult to discern from web searches.



Voice over quotes are defined by various factors including whether you use your own studio or hire one, delivering raw files…etc. Also, per page, per word count or by the finished duration of the audio? All very difficult to gauge and difficult to quantify.



Here is my really simple secret to pricing voice over jobs.

Personally, I like to be able to calculate the cost from the number of words in the script. Granted, I am not a voice-over, but I do work with professional voice overs and I like to work on a win, win basis.

  • The voice over needs to be paid fairly
  • The voice seeker needs to get a fair price


Getting job offers like ‘it will last about 20 minutes’, or ‘it is 10 pages’ is not very useful. Pages can have anything from 300-700 words on them depending on font size and margin size. Audio duration can vary depending on the editing and the speed of the narrator. Also, the narration of a page can take anything from 3 – 7 minutes depending on the content. I find the best way is to quote based on seeing the script and word count. With the exception of 30 second adverts and very small jobs, I think it is always a good idea to ask for script or a word count for you to be able to give an estimated voice over price.



In my experience, this works well. What has your experience been like with giving voice over actor? I look forward to any comments you wish to share.

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