Friday Voiceover Tip: Why Should You Be On Periscope?

PicMonkey CollageMany of you would like to know how to use Periscope, the new ‘IT’ kid on the block, as part of your brand building marketing strategy. Periscope is Twitter’s New Live Streaming Video App. Many major companies already recognise the branding opportunities that the app provides. I see you raising one weary eyebrow at the latest claims ‘IT’ social media platform, but while live video streaming isn’t new, in fact it’s been around for more than a decade, this time it is different. Firstly, live video streaming technology is much more accessible because of smartphones. Social media has become second nature and everyone is now more than happy to share every moment of their life through a variety of public platforms. And most importantly, Periscope was created by the folks from Twitter. It ties directly in to your existing following, meaning you don’t have to start from scratch again. By making use of your existing community, you have far greater potential for making a splash with your live content. Here are ways on how to use Periscope to building your brand:



Interactive Voice Over Advice

Giving sound and meaningful advice is a great way to improve your brand image, as new comers or even veterans will look more favourably on your brand if you’re actively engaging with others in the industry. Have a collaborative Q&A session with other voice artist on Periscope. Tap into their expertise and give followers the opportunity to hold a dialogue with you and your guests.



Share Promotions and Deals

Promotion marketing is a great way to expose voice seekers to your brand. Periscope gives you an easy way to tell your followers about any promotions or deals that you’re offering, generating visibility for your brand and possibly attracting new followers. You might want to try running a discounted services promotion or even voice over mentoring classes. Alternatively, you can hold an event for the sole purpose of giving away incentives. You can offer them during a streaming session meant for another purpose. Either way, offering great deals is an easy way to help make your brand more memorable.



Behind The Scenes

Share your “day in the life of a Voice Artist”. Many people interested in starting out in the voice over business don’t know how much effort goes into being a voice artist. Followers from around the world get the opportunity to have an up-close and personal view of what you actually do. This will also allow potential voice seekers to put a face to a name and get an exclusive look at how much professionalism you put into your work on a daily basis. Exhibit how your voice over services can handle the rigours of the busiest day of the year or even the slowest.




Client testimonials can provide your website with some of the most powerful statements that back up your product or service. You can easily download your streams and add them to your voice over website. Put your celebrated voice seekers in front of a camera and have them explain why they chose your voice over service, how they benefitted from your services, and why they would wholeheartedly recommend your voice over business to others in the future.



Tell your story

Perhaps there’s a funny or interesting story on how you started in the voice over industry. One of the most personable and engaging videos a small business can offer customers is one that details its story. What started it all? How much pride you have for the industry and your voice over business?  These questions may capture the attention of your most loyal fans, thus garnering shares and likes. As a result, this type of video content may find its way into the view of new and potential voice seekers. Promotional content genuinely displays a company brand, its products or its services. While it serves more like a traditional TV or radio spot, promotional video content provides a more personal look at what your business has to offer.




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